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Office No. : 2408, Liwa Heights Jumeirah Lake Towers
P.O. Box : 34544, Dubai, U.A.E

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Group Email Id : ops@tboholidays.com Contact No. : +971 4 4357520 Timings : 9 AM to 10 PM(Dubai Time)

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Group Email Id : accounts@tboholidays.com Contact No. : +971 44357520 Timings : 9 AM to 6 PM(Dubai Time)

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Contact No. : +971 44357520
Name Email Id Area Mobile No.
Raj Banani raj@tboholidays.com UAE, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain +971 558530934
Phiju Ann phiju@tboholidays.com Kuwait +965 96694354
Mohideen K. Kuvapra mohideen@tboholidays.com KSA,Western province (Jeddah region) +966 502723825
Syed Ali Mohamed syedali@tboholidays.com KSA,Eastern Province (Dammam region) +966 533456778
Zahid Khan khan@tboholidays.com KSA,Central province (Riyadh region) +966 536189900
Nanda Kumar nanda@tboholidays.com Qatar +974 66790026
Zuhaib Jamal jamal@tboholidays.com UAE, Dubai +971 559857578
Amit Kumar Tiwari amit@tboholidays.com UAE,Sharjah & Northern Emirates,Oman +971 529924819
Andrew Fawzy andrew@tboholidays.com Egypt +201 277722056
Assim Allam assim@tboholidays.com Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia +212 661373954
Atul Sareen atul@tboholidays.com Thailand +66 0882136201
Riyaz Ikram riyaz@tboholidays.com Sri Lanka +94 777331445
Shahid Bilgrami uk@tboholidays.com London +44 79 47638038
Vikram Bhardwaj vikram@tboholidays.com Doha +974 55649591
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Skype Name Email Id Phone No.
support.tbomena1 support@tboholidays.com India: +91 1244998999 Ext: 1274

Dubai: +971 44357520


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For any escalations please drop a mail at escalation@tboholidays.com


Who owns TBO Holidays? ›

Gaurav Bhatnagar - Co-Founder - TBO.COM | LinkedIn.

Who is the CEO of Tboholidays? ›

Gaurav Bhatnagar is the Co-founder and Managing Director of TBO Holidays. He attended Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1997.

Where is TBO holidays headquarters? ›

TBO Holidays's headquarters is located at 2408, Liwa Heights Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

What is the full form of TBO company? ›

Travel Boutique Online is India's leading travel distribution platform.

Who are TBO holidays competitors? ›

TBO Holidays's competitors include Distribusion, TravelX, Tripjack, TravelBrands. TBO Holidays ranks 3rd among 7 active competitors.

Who are TBO competitors? ›

Tbo Holidays's Managing Director, Gaurav Bhatnagar, currently has an approval rating of 84%. Tbo Holidays's primary competitors are Blacklane, Hotelbeds, GTA and 27 more.

What is the revenue of TBO? ›

Tbo Tek Limited's operating revenues range is INR 100 cr - 500 cr for the financial year ending on 31 March, 2022.

Who owns Holiday Factory? ›

Holiday Factory is owned by a German holding company Brainnox Investment & Management Group. Cokovic, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Brainnox, said the company is planning to move to four other countries in the Gulf region by November.

Who owns Swiss Holiday Company? ›

The Swiss Holiday Company is privately owned by Jackie, Alan and Nigel - all of whom are consummate travel professionals having been in the industry for more years than they care to remember! We founded our Swiss specialist tour operation in 1992, with the belief that Switzerland offers a unique holiday destination.

What does TBO mean in HR? ›

Time between overhauls - Wikipedia.

What does TBO mean in medical terms? ›

A tongue-based obstruction (TBO) is a developmental defect that causes the tongue to fully or partly block a child's airway.

What does TBO stand for operations management? ›

Trajectory-based operations (TBO) is an air traffic management (ATM) method for strategically planning, and managing flights throughout the operation by using time-based management (TBM), information exchanged between air and ground systems, and the aircraft's ability to fly trajectories in time and space.

Who are travel tripper competitors? ›

Who are Travel Tripper 's competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to Travel Tripper may include Grazitti Interactive , TA Digital , and Skill Zone .

Who are Impala Travel competitors? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Impala
  • Surfer.
  • Aspen HYSYS.
  • gPROMS.
  • Petrel E&P Software Platform.
  • AFT Fathom.
  • My Quorum.

Who is corporate Traveller competitor? ›

Corporate Traveller's competitors and similar companies include Fora, Musafir, Memphis Tours and Mister Aladin.

What does TBO stand for in banking? ›

The Trainee Business Officer Program is aimed at providing development opportunities to potential fresh graduates and inculcates a culture of open communication and meritocracy.

What is TBO Capital Group? ›

TBO Capital Group was a fraudulent company through which Karpavicius did business, purportedly located at 244 Madison Avenue, #1149, New York, NY 10016 and on the internet at tbocapital.com.

What is facilio annual revenue? ›

Facilio's revenue is $18.5 Million What is Facilio's SIC code? Facilio's SIC: 73,737 What is Facilio's NAICS code?

Who owns Jasmine Holidays? ›

Philip Hodges - Owner - Jasmine Holidays | LinkedIn.

Who owns Holiday Village? ›

The Holiday Village is part of The Travel Village Group, an award winning 4th generation family business, established in 1959!

Who owns Holiday Architects? ›

Andrew Hunt - Owner - Holiday Architects | LinkedIn.

What is the biggest Swiss company? ›

The largest company in Switzerland, by market capitalization, as of November 15, 2022 was Nestlé, with a market capitalization amounting to approximately 319 billion U.S. dollars. Nestlé SA was founded in 1866 in Switzerland and is the largest food company in the world.

Who owns Fenn Holidays? ›

Peter & Margaret Fenn

This is exactly what we've been doing ever since!

Who owns Crusader Holidays? ›

Crusader Holidays (Part of the Motts Travel Group) DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS...... - Review of Pinger Hotels & Tours. Contact accommodation for availability.

What does TBO mean in manufacturing? ›

TBO, or Time Between Overhauls, is a time limit specified by the engine manufacturer for a specific engine in a specific installation, after which overhaul is either recommended or mandated depending on how the aircraft is used. In a Piper Cherokee 140, for example, the Lycoming O-320 engine has a TBO of 2,000 hours.

What does HR mean in slang? ›

Summary of Key Points. "Human Resources" is the most common definition for HR on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does TBC stand for in work? ›

to be confirmed: used for showing that something has not been decided yet. Synonyms and related words. Written abbreviations. abbreviation. acronym.

What does TBD mean in hospital? ›

Tick-borne Diseases (TBD) Page 1.

What does TBC mean in hospital? ›

Tissue Bonding Cystostomy(TBC)

What does LTG mean in medical terms? ›

Low-tension glaucoma (LTG) is a chronic optic neuropathy that affects adults.

What does TBU mean in business? ›

Technical business unit (TBU)

What does TDC stand for project management? ›

Overall, total delivered cost and product availability are the primary factors companies consider when they outsource or purchase overseas, the authors found.

What is short for Operations Manager? ›

OM stands for Operations Manager/Management.

Who is the director of TBO? ›

Ravindra Dhariwal is the Chairman and Independent Director of our Company.

Who now owns Hays Travel? ›

John Hays (businessman)
John Hays
EducationUniversity of Oxford Manchester Business School
Known forFounder of Hays Travel
TitleCEO, Hays Travel
6 more rows

Who is the director of Cummins? ›

Members of the India Leadership Team are: Ashwath Ram - Managing Director. Anjali Pandey - Chief Operating Officer.

Who is the board of directors of Valvoline Cummins? ›

Directors of Valvoline Cummins Private Limited are Ajay Shriram Patil, Parashar Dinesh Joshi, Babu Nagarajan, Shveta Arya, . Valvoline Cummins Private Limited's Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U74899DL1994PTC062425 and its registration number is 62425.

Has Hays Travel gone bust? ›

Hays Travel has survived a challenging three years since it rescued Thomas Cook staff when the firm collapsed in 2019. After buying all 555 of its UK travel agencies, Hays Travel faced a turbulent time when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020 with restrictions affecting travel.

Is Hays Travel in debt? ›

The company made two acquisitions and continues to have no debt and does not use overdrafts. It said its balance sheet continues to strengthen with significant improvement in sales of cruise and touring holidays.

How does Hays Travel make their money? ›

Hays makes its money from the commission it receives as a travel agent, as well as from selling currency and its work as a tour operator.


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