savory pie and quiche recipes: 13 variations (2024)

Quicheinquiche recipes. A savory pie or quiche is always delicious to eat and simple to make. You can also vary endlessly with savory pies and quiches. Do you have picky eaters at home? Make a pie/quiche and success is guaranteed. Ideal for using different types of vegetables that are normally eaten with long teeth. That's why I've put 13 delicious quiche and savory cake recipes in an overview for you.

Enjoy your meal 😉

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savory pie and quiche recipes

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savory pie with green beans and minced meat

ThisQuichemetgreen beansinminced meatis wonderfully spicy and super creamy. The choice beansto be used in oneQuichewas not immediately appreciated by everyone at home. Beaudine really does not like green beans, but luckily she was quick to taste it after the first bite.

quiche with white aspergies, chorizo ​​and feta

To be unfortunateWhite asparagusnot available all year round. Fortunately, you can do thisquichealso makes great with green asparagus. The crispy crumb topping on this quiche makes the recipe slightly different from standard quiche recipes.

savory pie with tuna and leek

Now I can take a lot of credit, but the idea for this recipe for this savory pie actually comes from my foodie friend Domaine Malpas Kookt. Season this savory pie with tuna and leek with lemon. This gives the recipe a wonderfully fresh kick!

savory pie with stir-fried vegetables and chicken shawarma

Sometimes heated discussions at home about dinner lead to delicious recipes. So is this oneQuichewith stir-fried vegetables and chicken shawarma. The youngest wanted to eat shawarma and the eldest really wanted to eat a wok meal. After they came close to coming to blows, I made a decision! They both got what they want but at the same time not at all. Fortunately, the recipe was well received and the atmosphere in the house was a lot more pleasant during dinner.

Vegetarian quiche with spinach and feta

As soon as you combine spinach and feta, a recipe can no longer go wrong as far as I'm concerned. I think those two ingredients together… and luckily the rest of the family too… are so delicious. You won't miss any meat in this vegetarian quiche.

savory pie with broccoli and peppers

ThisSavory Pie With Broccoliand paprika is still a favorite at home. Even though the kids don't like hot peppers, they happily eat it very much.

Savory pie with leek and minced meat

This savory pie with leek and minced meat is definitely a “golden oldie”. Since I started living with Jan Willem, more than 15 years ago, I have been making this savory pie. We are still not bored with this recipe. Hopefully you will enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Quiche with peppers and minced meat

So you can really wake me up for this quiche with peppers and minced meat! I could even eat this quiche all by myself. Of course I don't do that, because then I have an argument with the scale.

savory pie with shawarma and leek

Would you like to sin healthily? Then make this onesavory pie with shawarmaand leek. Of course, this savory pie is not super healthy, but it does contain quite a few vegetables! In addition to leeks, 3 peppers are also added. Well, and the fact that the shawarma, puff pastry, cream cheese and extra mature cheese make it a bit unhealthy, you just have to accept that 😉

savory pie with broccoli, minced meat and bacon

At home there was a fight over the last piece of this savory pie with broccoli, minced meat and bacon. That is of course a very good sign. If you want to make this recipe a little healthier, use lean minced meat, a light cream cheese and a 30+ cheese.

Endive savory pie

Endive in a savory pie? Is that tasty? Yes! That is absolutely delicious. You really don't have to just eat endive as a stew.

Mexican savory pie

Mexican savory pie with minced meat, beans, peppers, herbs and lots of cheese. Because honestly, you can never eat enough cheese 😉 Serve this Mexican cake with a fresh oneMexican dipping sauceand a simple salad.

savory pie and quiche recipes: 13 variations (13)

Savory pie with leek, ham and cheese

This savory pie with leek, ham and cheese is wonderfully light because of the eggs but at the same time very creamy because of the cream cheese. I used a container of natural cream cheese, but I think it would also be very tasty with herb cream cheese.

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savory pie and quiche recipes: 13 variations (2024)


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