8 typical flowers in Hawaii (2024)

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Anyone who has ever been onHawaiiknows that these islands are a veritable sea of ​​flowers: everything is growing, green and blooming because the fertile volcanic soil offers the perfect conditions for tropical plants, flowers and trees. It is therefore no wonder that blossoms and flowers play a central role in Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is famous for its fragrant flower wreaths,den Leis, which is traditionally hung around guests' necks to welcome them. Many different flowers and blossoms enrich the culture of Hawaii and appear, for example, in Hawaiian legends. We'll tell you what they are here.

8 typical flowers in Hawaii (1)

» Plumeria / Frangipani

You can encounter the flowers of the plumeria tree everywhere in Hawaii: because of their sweet scent, they are used on the islands to weave leis, the typical flower chains. This also comes at weddings or celebrationsFlower that blooms in almost every garden in Hawaii, used as decoration. The plumeria is not native to Hawaii: its origins lie in the Caribbean and Mexico. It was only in the 19th century that the plumeria tree was brought to Hawaii and multiplied rapidly there. Plumeria, also known as frangipani, is a very robust plant that thrives and reproduces almost by itself in warm climates. Today, the delicate flowers of the plumeria are among the most popular flowers in Hawaii.

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» Strelitzie / Paradiesvogelblume

The Strelitzia, also known as the bird of paradise flower, is originally native to South Africa and can be found everywhere in Hawaii. Its striking, pointed flowers are bright red, yellow or orange. It thrives in gardens, parks and public places. The colorful plants can also often be seen on the beaches. The Strelitzia is onepopular Ikebana flowerand we are often used by the large Japanese community in Hawaii for artistic floral arrangements.

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» Hibiscus

Hibiscus is not only native to the Hawaiian Islands, it is also theState flower of Hawaii. At state receptions and events, guests are usually given hibiscus leis, or the table decoration is made of hibiscus flowers. In Hawaiian culture, the hibiscus flower represents great power and respect and was once the symbol of Hawaiian royalty. Hibiscus is also famous as a medicinal plant: it has an antibacterial effect and helps against fever and infections, for example.

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» Silver sword

The silver sword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense) belongs to the daisy family and is extremely rare! The bizarrely shaped silver sword is currently only found in a few places: the Pu'u Kukui on Maui and onHaleakala-Crater, where some silversword plants grow at an altitude between 2100 and 3100 meters, are the most famous locations of silverswords, theonly bloom every 30-50 yearsand then die off. Other locations are scattered throughout the Hawaiian Islands, some of which are top secret for nature conservation reasons. The impressive looking silver sword is threatened with extinction.

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Several species of orchids are native to the Hawaiian Islands, including the bamboo orchid, also known as Dendrobium nobile. This beautiful flower with its many small and comparatively delicate petals can be seen, for example, inVolcanoes National Parkadmire on the Big Island. In Hawaii, orchid flowers are occasionally used to make leis, but especially as hair accessories. In Hawaii, orchids symbolize love, admiration and deep friendship and affection and so it is not unusual for friends and of course couples to give each other an orchid flower or put it in each other's hair.

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» Tuberose / Cut

Tuberose is called Kupaloke in Hawaiian and is one of the most popular flowers for Hawaiian leis. The Hawaiian tuberose is relatively small, but has a very intense and intoxicating scent. Their flowers are bright white, but can also be pink, purple or even green and yellow. A lei with tuberose flowers symbolizes love and committed affection in Hawaii, which is why it is usually given as a gift at weddings, engagement parties or similar occasions. A bride in Hawaii will receive a magnificent bridal lei made from a variety of fragrant flowers - tuberose is usually used, among others. Tuberose is also often used in leis in combination with colorful orchid flowers or Arabian jasmine flowers because their scents harmonize very well with each other.

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» Arabischer Jasmin / Pikake

Arabian jasmine is found primarily in India and Southeast Asia and was also brought to Hawaii a few hundred years ago. At that time, the Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani found the scent so wonderful that she named the flower after her favorite animal - the peaco*ck. That's what Pikake isHawaiian wordfor peaco*ck and so the fragrant jasmine flowers are still called that in Hawaii today. Because the scent of the white flowers is very intense and long-lasting, Arabian jasmine is ideal for making fragrant leis. To do this, many of the small flowers are put together and woven into a dense and thick flower chain. Shells or other flowers such as tuberose or hibiscus are often weaved into the pikake lei. The Pikake leis often comeat weddings or family celebrationsfor use.

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»Ohia Lehua/Ohia Baum

The Ohia tree, from the myrtle family, is endemic to Hawaii - meaning it only occurs on the Hawaiian Islands. So if there is such a thing as a typical Hawaiian plant, then it is certainly Ohia Lehua, as the Ohia tree is called in Hawaiian. Its bright red or yellow flowers look like small puffs or brushes and have a strange peculiarity: the red flowers are pollinated by birds and insects, while the yellow flowers are capable of self-pollination. Even botanists cannot say why this is the case. The flowers of the Ohia tree have no scent and are therefore often used to make leis when neutral and scentless leis are to be used. However, the Native Hawaiians also used the hard wood of the Ohia tree for construction, especially their boats and tikis. In addition, wonderful tasting honey is made from the flowers of the Ohia tree all over Hawaii.

Fotos: Strelitzie, Hibiskus & Plumeria via Pixabay CC 00, Rest via Shutterstock all rights reserved.

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8 typical flowers in Hawaii (2024)


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