10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (2024)

You gain weight faster in winter. What are the best comfort meals to lose pounds?

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It's December 22, which means winter has officially started. The dark days may be getting a little longer, nights are often cold and there is frost in the ground. So warm your hands and brave the cold road to the supermarket. It's time to stock upMom's 10 favorite healthy winter dishes!

Typical winter recipes

What are those typical winter recipes? If you close your eyes and hum the Unox tune, you can see them in front of you.Hearty stews, filling soups and rich casseroles. Why is this part of winter?

When it is cold outside, the body needs energyhot and nutritious meals. The stove also burns in our bodies, so it is okay to use some extra fuel. That is why we often eat more fats and carbohydrates in winter.

Of course we also need extraworking on our resistance. Green leafy vegetables and cabbages are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. (bron) Coincidentally, what we need in winter to cook healthy food is also 'in season'. Nature takes good care of us ;-).

Seasonal products

We prefer to promote products that belong to the season.Seasonal vegetables are widely available, more nutritious, tastier and better for your body!Do you want another reason? Here it comes. Seasonal vegetables are often cheaper.

And, because they do not have to be imported from a tropical location, they are a lot less harmful to the environment.

Winter seasonal products include:

  • Fruit: apples, pears, tangerines, kiwis, oranges
  • Vegetables: beets, pumpkin, turnip, cabbage, celeriac, Brussels sprouts, chicory

And this is certainly not all! The Nutrition Center has onefruit and vegetable guidehas been drawn up in which it is precisely described in which season it is best to buy which products.

Low-carb, Easy and Healthy

Before we unleash our top 10 on you, we would like to tell you something. In winter you can take extra good care of yourself. It is the time of reflection. You are often at home more and you can spend that time on yourself, resting and cooking delicious meals. Good cooking doesn't have to be difficult.

Do you have ours?low carb recipesHave you ever looked at the website? Our recipes are easy to make, suitable for every cook and kitchen. Where possible we cook low-carb and as healthy as possible.

10 best recipes for winter dishes

10. Cauliflower dish from the oven

Casserole with cauliflower and broccoli

The tastiest, low-carb casserole is made with cauliflower and broccoli and a good portion of aged cheese. Delicious, festive and healthy!

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (1)

9. Winter sauerkraut frittata

Winter sauerkraut frittata

Would you like a tasty one?fair for winter? Make this sauerkraut frittata! You will have a delicious dish on the table in no time.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (2)

8. Celeriac soup with mustard

Celeriac mustard soup

Looking for a fresh, creamy and filling lunch? Then try this celeriac and mustard soup! The spicy mustard is delicious in combination with the taste of the celeriac.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (3)

7. Kale stew

Kale and Mash

Do you eat low-carb, but still want to make a delicious stew? This kale stew is made from cauliflower instead of potatoes!

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (4)

6. Winter Lunch recipe to take with you

Low-carb savory pie with leek

Do you want to make a delicious low-carb quiche? You should definitely try this savory leek pie! Fast and healthy.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (5)

5. Healthy side dish: turnip rösti

Turnip rosti

Make this turnip rösti as a crispy side dish. Delicious with a sauce of mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and pickles.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (6)

4. Easy fabric pot recipes

Stew with red wine

Burgundian recipe for a boeuf Bourguignon. You can make this sleek stew with red wine and fresh herbs. Add carrot and sweet potato for a healthy meal.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (7)

French stew with chicken and carrot

Do you love an old Dutch stew? Then take a look at this dish with chicken and vegetables! The dish originally comes from France and can be eaten in different ways. With bread or just with a knife and fork, whatever you feel like!

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (8)

3. Winter dish for your resistance

Beetroot soup with apple

Do you love special soups? Then this beetroot soup is really something for you! The apple and sour cream give the soup a nice sweet and creamy taste. Enjoy it.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (9)

2. Low-carb pea soup recipe

Winter pea soup with smoked sausage

Are you also craving pea soup? Peas are rich in carbohydrates, but fortunately pea soup can also be made without peas. This soup has the same delicious taste, but is low-carb and responsible!

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (10)

1. Keto recipe – Chicory casserole

Chicory ham cheese according to a Belgian recipe

This casserole will make your mouth water. You make it gruyère cheese and raw ham. The healthy chicory swims in a creamy sauce of egg and cream. Low-carb can be that tasty.

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (11)

The Chicory Ham Cheese is our favorite recipe from our freeKeto Recipes Weekly Menu. If these types of casseroles make your mouth water, be sure to check out this menu.

What do you like to eat in winter? Do you like to cook 'easy' and put a tasty soup on the table? Would you rather go for a well-filled stew? Or do you choose a dish with lots of vegetables and meat? You can go in any direction!

Healthy meals in winter

Whatever you put on the table this winter: make sure your mealsfilling enough and rich in vitamins and minerals. We could all use some extra energy in the winter! You can do this by cooking with lots of (green) vegetables, few fast carbohydrates and lots of proteins and unsaturated fats.

If you eat a lot of vegetables and legumes, you will not only get vitamins but also a lot of fiber. That's important, becauseFiber-rich food is good for your intestinal bacteria. And these in turn are important for your resistance.

Do you find it difficult to determine what exactly is healthy? In this post you can read how to get in 7 steps to healthy eatinggaat.

Let us hear from you in the comments? For example, what are your favorite winter dishes?

10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (12)

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10 healthy winter recipes, warm dishes for cold days (2024)


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